20 facts about camera lenses


  1. a fisheye lens gives a 180 degree view.
  2. there are zooms, primes, macro, super telephoto, and tilt-shift lenses
  3. a standard lens can be used for wide angles and for zoom-ins.
  4. when buying a lens first figure out what you want to shoot.
  5. when buying figure out what the budget for the lens is. The cost of the lens depends on several things.
  6. expensive lenses have a fixed aperture.
  7. all major cameras and lens manufacturers offer a variety of focal lengths
  8. wide angles give a wide expansive view
  9. wide angles should be used when prominent foreground objects are present.
  10. standard lenses tend to range from about 35mm up to around 85mm
  11. zoom range will cover moderate wide angles- typically 24mm to 35mm
  12. moderate telephoto lengths- around 70mm and up to about 105mm.
  13. Prime lenses are lenses that are just one focal length
  14. 70-300mm or 70-200mm are good when used properly
  15. to stop action from moving you need a fast shutter speed
  16. A “fast” lens is usually one that has an aperture of f/4, f/2.8 or larger
  17. 1/500 to 1/1000 shutter speed is the minimum.
  18. to shoot small objects a macro lens would be best
  19. to shoot architecture you should use a tilt-shift or perspective correction lens
  20. There is a lens for every purpose

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