AP:1.7 ISO:40 S:1/9

Conceptual photography is the image with a story behind it. The story behind this picture is about me. I’ve always ¬†wanted to use makeup from an extremely young age but like any good parent my mom would always say when your older. which I’m thankful for because whenever I would get into her makeup bag I would always make myself look like a mess. But now that I’m of age I have found a real love for it now I do anyones makeup that will let me I don’t think I’m to bad at it but there is always room for improvement which I plan to do. I don’t really wear to much makeup myself unless I’m doing it to practice new looks or for special occasions so it come to a superise to people who don’t really know me that I do makeup.

I think her work is really good especially since they’re¬†self-portraits. I think her work is also kinda creepy though. Maybe because of her facial expressions. But I picked this picture because it reminded me of how I used to do my makeup when I would play with it as a kid. The facial expression reminds me of the face I would make when my mom would catch me. Overall this picture reminds me of myself in a way.

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